GNS Wholesale Stationers has launched a new range of children's fashion stationery, aimed at the increasingly popular 'fun and colourful' lines marketed by boutique chain Smiggle and discount department stores.

GNS has created a Facebook page to launch of the Skweek brand, which is being supported by posters and shelf-wobblers in key newsagents.

“ Our new fashion stationery range is already proving to be a massive hit with customers,” David Gifford, national sales manager - retail at GNS Stationery Wholesalers, said. “Our business development managers have assisted a number of newsagents in creating bright, colourful displays in their store that draw customers’ attention and create demand for the product.”

In a note to newsagents, Gifford added: “Contrary to the trends many businesses are following, GNS is increasing our face-to-face sales force across the country, and extending our reach into regional areas. Some newsagents are seeing a GNS representative for the first time in years, and in most cases, welcoming them with open arms.”