Office Choice sets the scene with the Phantom

OC phantom

Office Choice national marketing manager Cameron Osborne with the stars of the dealer group's annual gala dinner, Lauren Holcombe and Richard Thomas.


Office Choice members and guests were treated to a mini performance of Phantom of the Opera at the group's annual dinner in Melbourne over the weekend, thanks to the theatrical connections of national marketing marketing manager Cameron Osborne.


Osborne, who is closely involved with an amateur musical theatre company, set the scene at the iconic Plaza Ballroom for a masquerade ball, during which singers Richard Thomas and Lauren Holcombe performed several hits from the award-winning stage show.


The Phantom theme continued with a charity raffle and auction, carried out by Your Office Choice's Ross Brimblecombe with the support of chief fund-raiser and Office Choice chairman John Donaghy, who was suitably cloaked for the occasion.


Next year's Office Choice conference and trade show will be held at Twin Waters Resort on the Sunshine Coast.


OC phantom john

Phantom of the Auction - Office Choice chairman John Donaghy.