Pelikan Artline has announced that on 21 November, 2011, the Pelikan Artline Group acquired the Artline and Xstamper brands in Australia and New Zealand from Japanese manufacturer Shachihata.

Managing director Bruce Haynes, in making the announcement, indicated that this was a strategic move for the group.

The ownership of these brands allows us to drive the product development based upon market research conducted in the Australian market,” he said.

Shachihata will manufacture the product on behalf of the Pelikan Artline Group which together with our product development will ensure that our customers will receive products of the highest quality.”

Haynes suggested that this acquisition ranks alongside the other recent purchases of Geoff Penney and Esselte in terms of importance to the continued growth and success of the Pelikan Artline Group.

The Pelikan Artline Group intends to aggressively seek product line extensions that the Australian and New Zealand markets demand.