Re-usable Pop Cart wins innovation award

Pop Cart

Pop Cart designer Rebecca Cahir.

Melbourne-based company Rihac has won an Australian Business Award for new product innovation for its Pop Cart re-usable ink cartridge.

The Pop Cart is centered on converting an existing all-in-one print-head cartridge — which includes a combined print-head and an ink cartridge — into a segregated ink cartridge. The result is a print-head that can be re-used many times, only requiring the replacement of the relatively low-cost ink cartridge.

Once the original equipment manufacturers (OEM) all-in-one cartridge is empty a Pop Cart is inserted to replace the empty ink sponge, transforming it into a segregated print-head ink cartridge system.

The Pop Cart is a simplistic design comprising of an ink-soaked sponge encased in a light, durable plastic shell, moulded to slide easily into the OEM cartridge casing. Currently available for all current model Canon brand printers, the Pop Cart is designed to contain almost twice the volume of ink as OEM cartridges and retails at $32 per set – a cheaper price than its OEM counterparts.


The Pop Cart also allows for the replacement of a single coloured ink cartridge rather than all three primary colours together,” Rihac director Rebecca Cahir said. “This, combined with it being a low-cost ink replacement alternative aims to reduce the environmental impact of printing.”