Writing by hand is vital in developing fine motor skills, particularly in an age when computers and tablet PC’s have become an integral part of children's everyday lives.

Staedtler has taken on this challenge and developed a clever solution: the Noris stylus learner’s pencil – the first pencil to effectively combine the analogue world with the digital.  

The Staedtler Noris stylus learner’s pencil is available in individual blister cards of pink or blue HB pencils.

The high-quality learner's pencil features a jumbo ergonomic triangular shape for relaxed and easy writing and drawing.  

The pencil also incorporates a rubber-tipped stylus feature on one end for use with tablet PC’s.  

Jumbo shape pencil is perfect for children´s small hands when undertaking first writing exercises whether on paper or on tablet PCs.  

The pencils feature break-resistant lead and wood from certified, sustainably managed forests.

Staedtler’s free learn-to-write app has been designed by educational experts to educate through play using the Noris stylus to complete different writing exercises.  

Mars & Marsy characters help children complete different tasks including learning the correct structure of individual letters, carrying out stroke exercises and copying different letters and digits.

Suitable for ages 3 plus, the free ‘learn to write’ app is available to download via iTunes or Google Play.