Office buyers keen on eco-friendly products

Eco office

With growing concerns about the environment, office supplies are no exception to the consumer drive for products that promise wellness and sustainability.

More than half of small office and home office consumers buy environmentally-friendly office supply products, according to Understanding the Small and Home Office Consumer*, the latest report from global information company The NPD group..

That number increases to 76 per cent among those purchasing for an office of 31-50 employees, who have a larger carbon footprint.

Consumers today are becoming increasingly cognizant of the products they use and food they put into their bodies. With office products also part of everyday life, they are just as important,” Leen Nsouli, director, office supplies industry analyst, The NPD Group, said. “The emphasis consumers and marketers are placing on green products presents a big opportunity for revenue and innovation within the office supplies industry.”

Paper products such as notebooks and janitorial supplies are the most popular green supplies purchased, driven by printer/copier paper, paper towels, and cleaning supplies.

Overall, purchasers are pleased with the choice of green products, with nearly 80 per cent indicating they are 'very' to 'extremely satisfied'. In particular, green product users like the fact that they are using non-toxic products, and are doing their part to help the environment. At the same time, some feel they lack the quality of non eco-friendly products, and can be expensive.

Environmentally friendly products are popular among office supplies purchasers; however, there is room for improvement and further development,” Nsouli said. “Manufacturers should take consumer dislikes into consideration, to further capitalise on this trend and get ahead of the competition.”

*The online survey was conducted in the US in July 2016 among a representative sample of males and females age 18 and older. Qualified respondents indicated they work in a home office or for a small business of 50 employees or less, and have responsibility for purchasing office supplies for themselves or their office location.