Planhorse is back on the range


For more than 30 years, Planhorse has been recognised as the filing, storage and archive specialists.

The Planhorse range has been specifically designed and developed to supply high-quality products to various industries in need of a large-format filing system.

The redeveloped mobile trolleys and clamps have been back in the market since the fourth quarter of 2015 and the range has had minor improvements to the products quality and ease-of-use.

The trolleys have been re-developed with a few slight changes to provide a better experience for all users.

Upright bars are now standard across all trolley sizes for added stability, helping hold the front of the top bar parallel to the ground.  A thicker top bar has also been added to reduce bowing on extreme loads.

Lastly, the addition of new heavy duty mobile castors makes moving the trolleys on a full load even easier.

As in the past, all Planhorse trolleys are universal, meaning any old Planhorse clamps as well as other branded clamps can still fit on the trolley.

The new clamps have been re-developed to be identical to the previous model in terms of quality and ease-of-use. The only change made to the new clamps is the height of the handle, giving an additional 5mm gap for fingers.

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