Alloys CEO set on new 'Sydney Super Facility'

Paul Harman

Alloys CEO paul Harman.


Melbourne-based IT distributor Alloys has ramped up its operations in the New South Wales market with the opening of a new multi-function complex in Sydney.


The new complex at Regent's Park incorporates an expanded warehouse, state-of-the-art showroom facility and a training and education centre.


Alloys CEO Paul Harman told Stationery News that the new 'Sydney Super Facility' will greatly enhance the company's delivery of “non-traditional distribution sets in the NSW market”.

STATIONERY NEWS: How does Alloys' new Sydney facility meet the needs of your NSW customer base?

PAUL HARMAN: The new facility improves Alloys' capabilities in NSW so that customers can now access our full range of facilities. The new facility increases our warehouse capacity by 2.5 times in size allowing us to hold great stocks nationally and it doubles our showroom space allowing us to have more effective product demonstrations for our Sydney-based customers.

It also provides us with a 40-person, multi-purpose training room which allows us to run two training sessions concurrently while providing significant space for staff growth.

STN:. How does the new facility compare to the previous complex in Sydney (and, out of interest, your Melbourne head office)?

PH: We have been in Sydney for 13 years but this is the first time we have been able to deliver the full Alloys experience in this market without some sort of operational or size compromise. 

The Melbourne office is still our head office and maintains larger stock holdings and showrooms and training facilities, but the style of building and the way we are using facilities in Sydney  is a forerunner of how our building will be styled and used going forward

STN: Can you provide details of the companies and brands that Alloys represents nationally?

Alloys represents all of the major print brands and most of the integrated technology brands. 

4. How has the MakerBot 3D business developed since you became associated with this company?

PH: The 3D space continues to develop.  MakerBot is an excellent partner. As one of the most mature and well-funded 3D printer manufacturers, they understand that the most important part of a 3D printer is how easy it is to use and live with. 

MakerBot has developed an eco-system around the actual printer that is the envy of all other manufacturers.  This includes the Smart Extruder Plus, 'Thing' inverse printing catalogue and curriculum for the classroom, and service and support. 

We maintain call centres and technical personnel to ensure that clients get the right experience with the product. 

The market has seen a number of new low-cost players come into it in recent months but so far none have been able to deliver the right user-experience to ensure that the product is friendly enough and reliable enough to be able to use as a key part of the operation.    

MakerBot, in partnership with Alloys, does this better than any other manufacturers in this part of the market.

STN: How important is the office supplies dealer channel to Alloys?

PH: The office supplies channel continues to play an important role for Alloys.  We value customers who operate in the market sector that we are in which is print and imaging and integrated technology. 

We believe we can play an important role in continuing to assist this channel to sell a wider range of solutions and strengthen the position of dealers in this market. 

Alloys will continue to invest in programs that will allow us to assist in the growth of the dealers in this channel and we will not just focus on the products that are important today.  With the rapid change of technologies in the market we will continue to present, train and discuss opportunities for growth for dealers. 

STN: What have been some the best performing areas of Alloys' line-up over the past 12 months?

PH: Alloys has been very fortunate to be grow strongly over the past three years.  While we have grown in the traditional areas of printers, toners and ink and projectors, we have also seen strong growth in large format print, document management, 3D printing, IP security, digital signage and automation solutions. 

All of these product categories provide strong opportunities for growth now and into the future.