Rubber bands reign under 'head bouncer'

Having been involved in the office products industry for more than 25 years, Mark Moffett has found a new challenge as “head bouncer” Bounce Rubber Bands.

Like the humble paper clip, rubber bands may not be the most stationery product but they are an essential item that can be found in all offices and households.

Recognising the potential of the product, Mark Moffett established Bounce Rubber Bands with the aim of becoming a key supplier to the office product dealer channel.

STATIONERY NEWS: What is the background to Bounce Rubber Bands?

MARK MOFFETT: I've been involved with the rubber band supply chain for 12 years, having worked in the wider office products industry for more than a quarter of a century. Bounce has been in operation for four years and has built a substantial presence in alternative markets such as packaging, industrial and floral.

STN: What is the scope of the company's product range?

MM: We have millions of rubber bands in stock, weighing hundreds of tonnes across many colours, sizes and package options. Bounce Rubber Bands are supplied in perforated, vacuum-sealed and bar-coded packs that are traceable. Our quality control systems ensure that the “precious cargo' is delivered quickly and efficiently.

STN: What are your ambitions for the company?

MM: The office products market is close to my heart and while we may currently be the underdog in this space, we are confident of bringing competition, social responsibility, environmental accreditations and - best of all - fun and excitement to the rubber band sector of the office supplies market.

STN: What are some the main uses and applications of rubber bands?

MM: There are many uses for rubber bands, inside and outside the workplace. Rubber bands are used to wrap around flowers for a special occasion, bind money at the bank, hold vegetables together in the supermarket and secure the newspapers when landing on your front lawn. Bands are used at the hairdressers for ponytails, horses tails at show jumping events, holding dental braces at the orthodontist, packaging in the warehouse, specialist industrial and engineering applications, art and craft lessons at school and even slingshots in the playground!

Every office will have bubber bands in the cupboard or drawer. All rubber bands have a lifespan so there are always repeat orders.

We provide a variety of rubber band sizes and provide a customised service whereby we can produce anything that a customer requires.

In summary, rubber bands are everywhere!

STN: Are Bounce Rubber Bands good for the environment?

MM: We take pride in the fact that we use natural rubber from real rubber trees in Bounce Rubber Bands. We don’t use synthetic rubber. We know that the natural latex can be sustainably tapped for more than 25 years after which the rubber tree wood can be used for furniture. Seed oil can also be used for soaps and the plantations can be replanted.

Natural rubber can sustainably return to nature.

Bounce Rubber is currently seeking environmental accreditations with Global Green Tag , EcoSpecifier and GECA (Good Environmental Choice Australia) in an effort to promote our high-quality environment-friendly products. We believe that natural rubber reigns!

STN: What are some of your promotional plans for 2017?

MM: ‘BOUNCE BANG’ is a promotion in which one end-user customer will win a trip for two to Bangkok, including five-star accommodation and $1000 spending money.

We also conduct quarterly giveaways around the Melbourne Cup, Christmas, Easter and other special occasions.

STN: What about community projects?

MM: Bounce Rubber Bands is donating five cents from every bag sold in 2017/2018 to Rotary International (via an Australian local project) and the Borderless Friendship Foundation, which enhances the lives of hill tribe children in Northern Thailand who have little or no access to education and services.